Founded in 2012, Betty Tran is a celebrated emerging couture and prêt-a-porter luxury brand led by designer Betty Tran. 

The birth of a global brand.

In just five years Betty Trans designs have been catapulted onto the global stage.


Following the brands launch at New York Fashion Week in 2012, Betty Tran has been showcased at Los Angeles Fashion Week, Malaysia Fashion Week, Vietnam Fashion Week and most recently

Milano Bridal Fashion week and both Paris Fashion weeks in 2017.

Known for her unique red carpet creations; Betty Tran’s designs have been well received the world over, with stockists located in France,

Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Panama, China and Japan to name a few.


There is no holding back now in terms of international expansion, the Betty Tran woman is in her own league, she’s not afraid to make a


Betty’s dreams of a global fashion empire began in suburban Perth.


Inspired by her mother, a seamstress for a number of International fashion brands Betty decided to launch her own brand, with her

own unique set of rules.


Her first foray into fashion “Betty Sugar” was short-lived, however it taught Betty some valuable skills and lessons about business.


Following the foray into fashion Betty took some time working for a number of high profile fashion brands to learn the craft.


Notably while working for Georgio Armani, Betty identified a gap in the market for accessible womens luxury fashion.


Couture is still perceived as high-end and inaccessible, my mission was to bring the beautiful to every woman, every day.”


Since 2012 Betty has refined her product offering into couture and pret-a-porter. The couture collection is intended for red carpet

and gala events while the pret-a-porter range focuses on quality day-to-day and cocktail attire.

Betty Tran aspires to bridge the divide between the two collections, with items from each intended to be interchangeable and versatile

across a range of occasions.


The brand’s mission is to educate women on style and purchasing quality over “fast”, high street fashion.


Reine de Passion

The latest collection “Reine de Passion” (Queen of Passion) is inspired by Betty’s European travels of 2017, featuring silhouettes reminiscent of the 19th Century, glamorous feathered and hand embellished evening gowns are juxtaposed with tailored

blazers and sharp cocktail dresses, a collection that transcends the traditional couture boundaries.

Being an Australian designer, we are so far from the rest of the world that we don’t follow trends from overseas, I have my own approach to my designs and draw inspiration from what’s around me, not from what others are doing.

Betty Tran designs are intended to be interchangeable and relevant for a variety of occasions.