Elle Design Contest, Sustainable Fashion

"As I grow older I realise I have two hands; one to help myself, the other to help others succeed."

To Betty Tran there is more to life than designing her collection, she carries a true passion for education and inspiring young people.

Recently Betty has been working in collaboration with Elle Vietnam as well as RMIT University and the Australian Government to realise the dream of some young, Vietnamese designers.

"Sustainable and ethical fashion has always been on my agenda, over coffee with some fabulous ladies we decided to make that a reality".

Vietnamese design students have been given the opportunity to take part in a design competition mentored by Betty that has seen them create an innovative yet sustainable collection inspired by Australia.

This opportunity will not only provide students with valuable skills in terms of bringing a hypothetical collection to the runway, one student will receive a scholarship to study at RMIT University in Australia.

In her role as Australian Fashion Ambassador to Vietnam Betty this week took part in a final workshop with the top three finalists for the competition to help them make their designs a reality.

Congratulations to all three finalists!

Betty, along with Fashion Designer Nguyen Cong Tri, Australian Consulate General Karen Lanyon, Elle Secretary Nguyen Dinh Lien Chi and Elle Creative Director Tran Hoang Dung will judge the final three on 7 December at the Elle Fashion Show in Vietnam.

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