Fast fashion is having a negative impact, both on our environment and those producing it.


As the second biggest polluting industry in the world it is time for something to be done. In Australia alone more than 6000 kg of clothing is dumped in landfill every 10 minutes.


The Betty Tran woman is in her own league and isn’t afraid to make a statement. She doesn’t follow trends, rather she sets her own style.


Here at Betty Tran we want to educate women on the versatility of fashion and inspire women to break the rules when it comes to styling high quality, versatile pieces.


Each Betty Tran garment is intended to be worn a variety of different ways. Whether that be a top that is reversible, a dress that can be worn over jeans or a skirt and separates that would be at home anywhere from the Met Gala to dinner


See our gallery below for styling ideas using some of our favourite pieces.